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Efficient use

Charging stations for quick charge of electric transport

Electric vehicles are one of the most ecologically clean kinds of transport, and its sales and production grow rapidly all over the world. Unlike hybrid automobiles, they don’t have internal combustion engines, and accumulator batteries (usually Li-ion) which can be charged from domestic power networks or at special charging stations, serve as power supply for traction motors.

Charging time of the accumulator battery is one of the most important characteristics of any electric vehicle. It depends on the way of charge. In case of charge from domestic alternating current power network, a proper charging device (a voltage changer) of an electric vehicle or anexternal voltage changer is used. The charge is executed by relatively low current (0.2 – 1C), charging time of accumulator battery up to total capacity is several hours. CHAdeMO standard charging stations are connected directly to accumulator battery terminals of electric vehicle and provide quick charge (for about 20 minutes) of Li accumulators by high (up to 5 C) direct current up to 80 – 85% of total capacity.

Chemical cell internal resistance reduction algorithm designed by “SWEL energy” company is efficient for charge and discharge of chemical cells. Therefore electronic separator SWEL-ES may be effectively used in charging devices of electric vehicles providing quicker accumulator charge or significant saving of the energy consumed from the network. The separator can be realized as a voltage changer with power supply from domestic power network, or it can be built-in into the powerful CHAdeMO standard charging station. In such cases the energy saving can reach 15-30%.



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