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Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

Regeneration of sealed accumulator batteries

Our company has worked out a technology of accumulator batteries regeneration up to manufacturer’s nameplate values. We restore expired sealed lead-acid accumulator batteries by reviving their lifetime and technical characteristics up to a like-new level. Unlike serviceable lead-acid batteries, sealed batteries of high capacity are relatively expensive. Revival and reuse of such accumulator batteries will help you to save significant funds.

Battery regeneration. How it works.

Our battery regeneration technology is based upon charge and discharge of the battery by microwatt energy packets according to a certain time algorithm. This results in important increase of internal surface of battery electrodes and consequently significantly reduces internal resistance of the battery. This, in turn, leads to reduction of heat release during battery charge and discharge, and consequently to a more efficient use of stored energy and increase of battery lifetime. Certainly, it’s impossible to recover accumulators with mechanical damages and one or several failed cells. That’s why we refuse such accumulators on preexamination stage. We don’t “kill” the battery with high voltage and current pulses. We neither unseal it nor change its electrolyte or break its integrity.

The whole regeneration process for sealed batteries takes 24 hours regardless of their rated capacity.

Economically it’s cost effective to recover accumulators with capacity 80 Ah and more.

Reasons of battery failure

There’re a lot of reasons for lead-acid battery failure. The main reasons are listed below:

  1. Constant undercharging;
  2. Performance in high temperatures;
  3. Frequent deep discharge.

Current technologies of partial battery regeneration don’t give any effect on sealed accumulator batteries because it’s impossible to influence them mechanically. For such batteries regeneration has meant a purchase of a new one.

What do people do with a waste sealed battery? They simply dispose of them. That’s why a lot of “disabled” accumulator batteries, the majority of which could and must be revived, are thrown away, thereby causing serious financial and ecological damage.

Ecological effect

Have you ever been to a plant which produces lead batteries? If not, you’d better stay away. Despite the installation of expensive modern purification systems, environmental discharge of such a plant is still high. Emission of sulfuric acid, lead and its compounds into environment (air, ground and water bodies) dramatically deteriorates ecological situation. Besides, there’s a problem of waste batteries disposal. Of course, recycling of used-up batteries partially solves it. At reception point the workers spill the accumulator electrolyte and separate lead and other heavy compounds. These elements are transported for recycling. Nevertheless, any interaction with accumulator contents somehow leaves its mark.

Reviving accumulators, we certainly minimize environmental damages. In fact, our technology is eco-friendly, because we neither disassemble the battery nor empty its electrolyte. After our regeneration the accumulator battery will live a full life again.

Benefits of battery regeneration

Reuse of a sealed accumulator allows you to save significant money on buying a new one (see Price of battery regeneration) and thus to reduce maintenance costs for an autonomous energy station, a UPS, a wind-power plant or an energy system based upon solar batteries. In other words, it’s profitable for any device which contains a sealed accumulator of high capacity.

Regenerated batteries warranty – 12 months.

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