Technologies and know-how

Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

Regeneration of sealed accumulator batteries

Our company has worked out a technology of accumulator batteries regeneration up to manufacturer’s nameplate values. We restore expired sealed lead-acid accumulator batteries by reviving their lifetime and technical characteristics up to a like-new level. Unlike serviceable lead-acid batteries, sealed batteries of high capacity are relatively expensive. Revival and reuse of such accumulator batteries will help you to save significant funds.

Chemistry & electricity

Nowadays the energy-saving technologies are rapidly developed. Public and specialists are particularly interested in developments associated with efficiency growth of electric power storages – accumulators, supercapacitors and other chemical current sources (ECC).

Most studies in this area are devoted to improvements of accumulator construction, development of new, more energy-intensive types of electrodes, selection of most effective electrolytes, etc. Energy intensity of the main long ago reputed ECC, such as lead, Ni-Cd, Li-ion accumulators and others, has been augmented 2-3 times at the average, but in spite of several successful cases, there has been no really “revolutionary” breakthrough. Though specific energy provided by the best ECCs in the market, reaches hundreds of W*h/kg, the price of such accumulators is really high, especially when it’s necessary to change the whole stock of already existing accumulators of different types.

«SWEL energy» has chosen another way. We’ve worked out an algorithm that allows considerably augment the efficiency of ECC use of any types without their reconstruction, only with the help of external influence on electrochemical processes inside ECC. This algorithm can be executed during accumulator charge and discharge. Increase in effective energy capacity of ECC reaches nearly 15-30% for a Li-ion accumulator and 50-100% for a lead-acid accumulator.

Nowadays we are ready to propose consumers a special device – electronic separator SWEL-ES, which realizes our algorithm in practice and can be successfully used in various technical fields.


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