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Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

Price of battery regeneration

Our service price starts from 9 RUB for 1 Ah of the battery.
For batches of more than 100 accumulators the regeneration price becomes much more attractive. All regenerated accumulators have 12 months warranty. See below the regeneration price for sealed accumulator batteries according to their quantity, voltage and rated capacity.

Battery voltage (V) Price for ampere-hour (RUB), at 20-hour discharge Price for ampere-hour (RUB), at 10-hour discharge Price for ampere-hour (RUB), at 5-hour discharge Number of batteries (pieces)
12 43 47 50 to 100
6 23 25 28 to 100
2 9 10 11 to 100

Special deal for large battery lots.

For example, a new sealed accumulator battery Tudor v12-360 with capacity 88 Ah and voltage 12V, which works as a part of UPS, has a small-scale wholesale price 20 000 RUB. Our full regenerated accumulator will cost you only 4 136 RUB.

Regenerated batteries warranty – 12 months.

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