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Solar and wind power engineering

Nowadays new technologies of alternative electrical power engineering are widely developing all over the world. Solar and wind power is used for electric energy production instead of petrol, gas, coal and other kinds of nonrenewable fuel. According to expert estimations, by the end of the next decade in developed countries solar and wind-power stations would be able to provide up to 15-20% of total power generation. This is true for industrial production as well as for individual power stations intended, for example, for private houses energy supply.

Solar batteries and wind-powered generators produce energy irregularly. Their output power directly depends on current weather conditions and on time of the day for solar batteries. That’s why in order to provide target output power and voltage values, together with generators people have to use buffer accumulator batteries of high capacity. They are huge in mass and dimensions, and often make up a significant part of the price of solar and wind power stations. Therefore reduction of mass-dimension characteristics of buffer accumulator batteries is an acute and a very important problem.

Electronic separator SWEL-ES successfully realizes this task by providing discharge efficiency rise for chemical cells, such as Li-ion, Ni-Cd and lead-acid batteries. Due to polarization component reduction of accumulator internal resistance it’s possible to achieve more regular power extraction, especially in case of high discharge current, and to maintain accumulator operability even in case of its deep discharge. This provide more comfortable operating conditions for step-up voltage converters and DC/AC inverters, via which buffer accumulator batteries are connected to load.

In perspective, it’s possible to increase the efficiency of buffer accumulator batteries in solar and wind power stations if additional electronic separators are included in their charging circuit. This will improve overall efficiency of the system and provide more regular and complete accumulator charge in cases when voltage and current on the output of a primary generator vary within wide limits. According to our estimations, our electronic separator can provide up to 30-70% overall gain in mass and dimensions of a buffer accumulator battery, subject to battery type and its operating conditions.

Power supply diagram on the basis of alternative energy sources

without electronic separator

with electronic separator


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