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Uninterruptible Power Systems

In uninterruptible power and power backup accumulator systems the problem of accumulator reliability is highly important, especially in high temperature environmental conditions. Electronic separator SWEL-ES decreases polarization component of electrochemical cell internal resistance that results in significant reduction of heat loss during charge and discharge. This, as well as the possibility to charge by high current without gassing, is especially important for sealed maintenance-free accumulators with aqueous electrolyte, such as lead-acid, because it enlarges their working temperature range and increases their lifetime. Thus, in this case the use of electronic separator has double effect: it improves mass-dimension characteristics of the system and increases its reliability.

Price is a necessary characteristic of an accumulator battery that must never be forgotten. As far as current supplies of the highest quality and price are used in no-break power and power back-up systems, even several percent reduction of their quantity demanded means significant gain in cost. Approximately, electronic separator may provide 20-30% saving for Li-ion and 20-50% saving for lead-acid and Ni-Cd accumulators.

It seems promising to develop complex systems in which charge and discharge of each accumulator in accumulator battery are executed through individual electronic separator with adjustable output voltage. This will give simple means to provide voltage rectification on each individual accumulator during charge as well as discharge, and thus to increase accumulator battery lifetime and reliability.

It’s common knowledge that cost price of modern accumulator batteries and supercapacitors is determined not only by their maximum capacity but also by output voltage demanded, that is by the number of battery elements. The more there are the elements and the higher is the output voltage of the accumulator battery, the higher is its price. That’s why it is highly important to provide maximum energy extraction efficiency at low voltage. The electronic separator SWEL-ES can successfully achieve this goal. Due to its reduction of polarization component of electrochemical cell output resistance it becomes possible to extract more energy at high discharge current et to provide rather high level of output voltage even in case of deep supply discharge. This allows creation of efficient up voltage converters with supply from inexpensive low-voltage but capacious electrochemical cells.


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