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Efficient use

SWEL-ECD: efficient charger for accumulator batteries

We has designed new effective accumulator charger which realizes our algorithm of reducing the polarization component of chemical current source (CCS) internal resistance. Used in accumulator battery chargers this device will allow accumulator charging with nominal, high (up to 1-3C) or low current nearly to full capacity (unlike common charge mode which is limited in charging current on really low level after 70-80% capacity gain). Our effective charge device (SWEL-ECD) proposes the following advantages:

  • Significant reduction of charge time for accumulator batteries of any type, including Li-ion ones;
  • Increasing of the operating surface of accumulator active mass during charge, and thereby reducing of the discharge current density and increasing the energy extracted during discharge;
  • As far as charge efficiency and the following energy extraction increase, it becomes possible to limitate maximum charge voltage for accumulators with aqueous electrolyte (Ni-Cd, lead, etc.) on the level, which guarantees no gassing during charging, while their energy characteristics are preserved. For example, “safe” voltage for a lead-acid accumulator is 13.38 V for a 12 V accumulator battery;
  • Due to that it’s possible to increase accumulator battery lifetime and reliability in a wide temperature range and to augment the number of charge/discharge cycles;
  • Service of unsealed accumulator batteries (such as Ni-Cd which are commonly used in railway transport) is connected with labor-intensive water refill. In order to preserve operatability of the accumulators it’s necessary to compensate water losses (due to electrolyte drying) from time to time. Use of SWEL algorithm for charging such batteries allows to minimize the service necessity or even eliminate it, thereby to reduce operating costs.

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