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Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

About the company

«SWEL energy» company has been studied efficiency increase of electrochemical cells (ECC) for more than 15 years, and it has been developed and commercially implemented various devices based upon ECC. We have cumulated extensive experimental material and have obtained ECC characteristics in different charge and discharge modes (also for metal-air, lead, Ni-Cd, Li and some other types of accumulators, two-layer and hybrid supercapacitors). Our research has resulted in the development of an algorithm for a ECC charge and discharge which provides considerable improvement of CC energy characteristics due to decrease of so called polarization component of its internal resistance.

Significant stages of company operation:

1996 г — design and implementation of industrial line for Cd electrodes production for Ni-Cd accumulator on AIT factory (Saratov, Russia)

2003 г — Corps of Engineers Commander gave the order to accept for Russian Army supplies independent lighting sets (ILS) based upon “SWEL” lantern with power supply from metal-air electrochemical current sources. “SWEL” abbreviation which had stood for «Salt + Water = Electric power» (common salt solution was used as electrolyte for lantern power supply) later on became the name of our company.
Corps of Engineers Commander’s Order of Russian Federation Armed Forces
Appendix to Order (page 1)
Appendix to Order (page 2)
Test results summary

2009–2011 гг — design and creation of special device (electronic separator) prototypes which realize in practice the algorithm of ECC internal resistance drop; production of charge-discharge test benches with 0.5 kW and 6 kW power on their basis; test operation with most promising ECC types.


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