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Efficient use

Leoch accumulator batteries

«SWEL Energy» recovers Leochbatteries with capacity higher than 90 Ah. Our expertsrestore capacity, lifetime and other technical characteristics of an overaged battery up to certified values specified by the manufacturer from 5 RUB per 1 Ah of the battery. Regeneration of sealed maintenance-free lead acid batteries is our contribution to environmental protection. Regeneration time – 24 hours. Regenerated Leoch batteries warranty – 12 months.

Regeneration technology for Leoch accumulator batteries

We’ve worked out a special eco-friendly regeneration technology for sealed accumulator batteries. We neither unseal the battery nor change its electrolyte or perform any mechanical operations. Ourtechnologyofbatteryregeneration impliesperiodical weak electric influenceon the battery, which results in recovery of all its characteristics up to the like-new state. On the preexamination stage we refuse the accumulator batteries with mechanical damages or one or several failed cells, because such batteries cannot be recovered.

Regeneration cost for Leochbatteries

The cost of battery recovery depends on voltage and rated capacity of the battery model. For example, today the market price for the battery Leoch DJM 12100 is 8500 RUB. Our fully regenerated battery will cost you 35% of the price of a new one.See regeneration prices for other Leoch battery models in the table below.

Model Battery voltage, V Capacity, Ah Regeneration
price, RUB
Leoch batteries of DJM series
Leoch DJM 12100 12 100 2800

Forlargelotsof 100 batteries and moreregeneration price will be lower.

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