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Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

Wind-power generators (WPG)

Battery price accounts for 20% - 40% of a WPG price. We regenerate such accumulator batteries and restore their technical characteristics and lifetime up to a like-new state. Our regeneration technology is eco-friendly.

Wind-power generator is an alternative energy source

Nowadays constantly growing human needs in energy are satisfied mainly by use of fossil (hydrocarbon) fuels. Its quantity is limited, and thus the world is already facing serious energy problems. One day the hydrocarbon resources will be exhausted, and this fact forces everyone to look actively for alternative (renewable) energy sources.

Wind-power engineering is a growing renewable energy industry. People who visited European countries often saw wind-power plants – wind-power generators – in the fields. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Wind-power plant (WPP) contains not only the WPG itself but also energy storages, which are sealed lead-acid accumulator batteries.

The battery part can reach 20% - 40% of WPP price. For example, a 5kW WPG used for the energy supply of a small cottage house, contains 4 sealed accumulator batteries with voltage 12 V and capacity 200 Ah. Such WPP costs 290 000 RUB, and its sealed batteries cost 60 000 RUB. Usually the lifetime of such batteries is within 5 years.

We regenerate such accumulator batteries. All their technical characteristics as well as lifetime will fit these of a new battery. Our regeneration technology is environmentally friendly.

Is it beneficial for customers? Let’s see :

If a new sealed accumulator battery costs 15 000 RUB, its regeneration will cost only 35%, that is 5250 RUB. So, a set of 4 batteries will cost you 21 000 RUB instead of 60 000 RUB, and that’s evidently cost effective for you.

Regenerated sealed batteries warranty - 12 months.

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