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Tudor accumulator batteries

«SWEL Energy LLC» regenerates sealed (non-spillable) Tudor accumulator batteries with capacity more than 80 Ah by reviving their technical characteristics and lifetime up to a like-new state. As a part of a UPS device such batteries finally fail to function due to constant undercharging. The accumulator batteries of this model are noted for extraordinary technical characteristics and premium quality, and their price is relatively high. Therefore their life extension will save you significant funds.

Regeneration technology for Tudor batteries

The regeneration technology for Tudor accumulator batteries implies their charge-discharge by microwatt energy packets according to a certain time algorithm. This results in important increase of internal surface of battery electrodes, and hence significantly reduces internal resistance of the battery.

On the preexamination stage we refuse the batteries with mechanical damages or one or several failed cells, because such batteries cannot be regenerated. The regeneration process results neither in unsealing of accumulator battery nor in its electrolyte change or any other mechanical operation. This process for Tudor batteries takes 18-20 hours.

Regeneration price for Tudor batteries

The price of accumulator regeneration depends on voltage and rated capacity of the battery model. For example, today Tudor v12-360 battery costs at least 14500 RUB. Our completely regenerated accumulator battery will cost you 2800 RUB. For large battery lots the regeneration price is lower. Regenerated batteries warranty – 12 months.

Model Battery voltage, V Capacity, Ah Regeneration
price, RUB
Tudor batteries TD series
Tudor TD95 12 90 2520
Tudor TD125 12 120 3360
Tudor TD160 12 160 4480
Tudor TD230 12 230 6440
Tudor batteries UPS series
Tudor UPS12-360 12 88 2464
Tudor UPS12-440 12 108 3024
Tudor batteries T series
Tudor T12V110FT 12 112 3136
Tudor T12V125FT 12 127,5 3570
Tudor T12V110FT 12 159 4452

Forlargelotsof 100 batteries and moreregeneration price will be lower.

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