Technologies and know-how

Восстановление аккумулятора

Efficient use

Possible application fields of the innovation

Algorithm of decreasing the internal resistance of chemical current sources (CCS) and electronic separator SVEL-ES (which practically realize this algorithm) can be effectively applied in various fields of engineering, especially where it is important to improve the weight and size characteristics of battery devices, to increase reliability and reduce costs of their maintenance.

Railway transport

Starting capacitors for diesel locomotives and service batteries in coaches.
Economy on maintenance; improvement of weight and size performance of 20-30%

Charging stations for quick charge of electric transport

Electronic separator SVEL-ES can be successfully applied to the battery chargers of electric vehicles, providing faster recharging batteries or significant savings in energy consumption from the mains.
Energy savings up to 15-30%

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Batteries for industrial and domestic UPS.
Service life increasing; reliability growth; cheapening by 20–30%

Solar and wind power engineering

Buffer batteries for stand-alone power systems.
Improvement of weight and size performance of 20-30%

Electric vehicles and hybryd cars

Electrochemical energy storage systems and traction batteries.
Improvement of weight and size and price performance of 20-50%


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